What is Over/Under Odds 1.5?

The 1.5 over/under bet in soccer offers many entertaining opportunities to make money for bettors. This is a common type of bet that appears in online odds tables provided by soccer bookmakers. Readers who want to understand more about this attractive bet are invited to phlove‘s article below.

Football over/under odds

The over/under bet in football is denoted as 0/U, which are two abbreviations of Over and Under, representing the over or under bet. In basic soccer over/under, the bookmaker sets a standard milestone for the total number of goals that two teams are likely to score during the entire match, half, or minutes of the match.

Football over/under bets are divided into many different types of bets at different time points with different odds specified by the bookmakers for players to choose from. Players often encounter some common types of soccer over/under bets:

Over/under goal bet

Additional over/under: throw-in, penalty card, corner kick..

Over and under for the entire match, over and under for the 1st and 2nd half, over and under for 15 minutes…

Betting on the over/under bet, the player has the opportunity to win or lose the bet at the house’s odds corresponding to the O/U set on the odds table.

Football over/under bets are a popular type of bet at bookmakers

Summary of basic knowledge about over/under betting 1.5

If you are new to soccer betting and want to learn about the 1.5 Over/Under odds, below is some useful basic information.

What is the 1.5 over/under bet?

The over/under bet 1.5 also has another name and symbol on the odds table, which is the bet 1:1/2. The odds value of 1.5 is related to the odds the house offers for players to choose from. At each over or under bet, the house will give a reward rate for the corresponding bet if the player wins.

Over/Under 1.5 means that the bookmaker’s number for the match bet can be a goal bet, a penalty card, a throw-in… for a period of time that can be the whole match, the first half or a time-to-time bet which is 1.5 , this is a decimal odds that often appears in Asian Handicap odds.

Over/under 1.5 offers attractive betting options

How to read odds and calculate over/under odds 1.5 through an example

So that readers can understand how to read the odds and how to calculate winnings and losses in the 1.5 over/under bet, let’s take an example from the odds table below.

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Example of over/under (o/u) 1.5 first half Perus vs Venezuela

On this odds table, the over/under odds of 1.5 appear in the first half of the match between Peru and Venezuela. The way to calculate a player’s win or loss when participating in this bet is as follows:

Over/Under 1.5 players in the first half. In case the player bets on O (over), at the end of the first half, if the total number of goals scored by both teams in this half is 2 or more, the player will win. bet with a payout ratio of 0.82.

For example, if you bet 100k over, the player’s profit will be 100 x 0.82 = 82k. In case the number of goals scored is less than 2, the player will lose the bet and lose all 100k. If the total goals are less than 2, the under bet wins and vice versa.

Things to remember when playing 1:1/2 Over/Under odds

Some things that players participating in the 1.5 Over/Under bookie bet need to know to play effectively are:

Grasp the updated odds: Updated odds are quite important because the house’s odds table often changes according to developments. Players need to update the latest bonus calculation rates to ensure fairness when betting to receive rewards.

Grasp the data related to the match: Match data is always related to the over/under possibility of the football match. Playing over/under bets requires solid match data information because it is related to the betting results, this is the basis for whether the player’s prediction is accurate or not.

Seize the opportunity to enter the bet: With the fluctuation of the odds, players always need to know how to seize the opportunity to enter the bet appropriately. Especially in the over/under bets of each round, there are always opportunities for players to make money at the time of entering the bet. Because for example, with an attacking position, the possibility of going over is higher than under, that is a real example.

The over/under bet of 1.5 on the odds table offered by the bookmakers is a very attractive bet that offers great money-making opportunities for players. To effectively participate in this type of betting, each participating member needs to have solid betting knowledge and a lot of useful betting experience.

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